About Us


The primary goal of Catching Coalition is to give players and coaches across the country access to professional instruction along with world-class drills and techniques. By taking an individualized approach, and incorporating training that will help with every facet of the catcher's game, we hope to help all players reach their potential and achieve their desired goals. We aim to have all of our players develop an extensive knowledge of the position, and in turn, develop a confidence that expands well beyond the baseball field.  



Catching Coalition was founded by Brandon Oliver, a former collegiate and professional player from Corona, CA. Brandon has over 10 years of experience in coaching and working in private and group instruction, and has worked with youth catchers to professional catchers, and everyone in between. Brandon currently resides in Menifee, CA with his family and gives over 50 lessons a week at Turnin 2 Professional Training Center in Corona. His desire to get players and coaches the right information has led him here, where he's created a platform to pass along the philosophies, drills, and techniques that he's gathered through years of experience. From the fundamentals, to the advanced techniques and mental side of the game, Brandon is dedicated to working with your catcher and getting him to the next level!


  • 2011 BIG VIII All-League Honors (Santiago H.S.)
  • 2015 GNAC Tournament Champion (Western Oregon University)
  • 2015 WCL All-Star Selection (Kelowna Falcons)
  • 2015 WCL All-Conference Honors (Kelowna Falcons)
  • 2016 GNAC All-Conference Honors (Western Oregon University)
  • 2017 Professional Catcher for the Lake Erie Crushers (Frontier League)
  • 2017 Professional Catcher for the Eastside Diamond Hoppers (United Shores Professional Baseball League) 
  • 2018 Head Catching Coordinator for Turnin' 2 Professional Training Center
  • 2019 Founded Catching Coalition